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Star Trek episode reviews: The Inner Light and Time’s Arrow

At long last! After more than a year’s work, season five of Next Gen is complete! I was hoping to get it finished last week but getting your house painted tends to get in the way. In any case, welcome to the announcement of the last two reviews for the fifth season.


The Inner Light

The Inner Light is, frankly, my favorite episode of all time. Bar none, this is one I look forward to the most, and still has the greatest emotional effect. The Enterprise encounters a probe in space. It tethers itself to Picard via some sort of invisible beam, and he passes out. Waking up on a planet he’s never heard of, he lives the next 30 subjective years of his life living the family life, before we discover what it’s all about.

This episode won all sorts of different awards, including the Hugo; a distinction only four episodes in Star Trek history have won. You may not know that Patrick Stewart’s son actually played his on-screen son in this episode, or that by the end of the episode Patrick was wearing 16 pounds of make-up, which had to be applied starting at 1am! Check this out and read my full review to learn more.


Time’s Arrow

Time’s Arrow is the season-ending cliffhanger for season five. The Enterprise is recalled to Earth, where a scientist takes Picard and Data to some uninhabited caves since the 19th century and shows them Data’s severed head. A lot follows: time-traveling human-killing aliens, Data playing poker in the 1800s, Mark Twain, Guinan, and it ends with most of the rest of the crew stepping into a time portal.

Time’s Arrow was not slated to be the season-ender. In fact there wasn’t a two-parter planned at all. The producers got wind that with the wind-up of Deep Space 9, a lot of fans were thinking TNG would end after season five. They ordered a cliffhanger to let the masses know TNG would indeed continue! On that note, DS9 fans will be able to spot Marc Alaimo in this episode as well. Check out other tidbits, along with a lot more in my final full review for season five.

I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, and plan on taking a few more weeks off before starting season six. Thanks for all my readers who stuck with me through the 26 episodes and 15 months it took me to get my reviews out. I will continue!