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Star Trek episode reviews: Man of the People and Relics

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It’s been even longer for this post than the last one. All I can say is, I haven’t been in a position to have dedicated time to put in the energy and resources I use in reviewing a TNG episode properly. I aim to rectify that! Thanks for your continuing patience.


Man of the People

Man of the People is just a mess. It’s my lowest rated episode of season six so far, and there won’t be many rivals. There’s an ambassador, Alcar, who the crew saves in the teaser, who’s job it is to mediate peace talks between two warring nations (a recycled idea from Loud as a Whisper). His ‘mom’ dies and after Troi shares a ritual, starts becoming just as jealous, possessive and bitchy as she was. Troi also starts aging very rapidly, and it turns out Alcar is using her as the receptacle for all his negative emotions. They hatch a plan to get him, they win, and it’s all stupider than it sounds.

Turns out that this episode was written in a big rush, because Relics was supposed to be shot this week, but Doohan had a scheduling conflict. All of a sudden they had a week with no episode written so the writing team crapped one out to fill the week. Take a look at other behind-the-scenes stuff, including a massive plot hole I spotted by checking out my full review.



Relics is about 100 times better. Who does the Enterprise find dematerializing from a transporter pad on an old Federation transport ship? Scotty! Scotty adjusts (badly) to life in the 24th century, and the crew investigate a real Dyson sphere. We get to see Scotty in action again, and he delivers just about everything could want from a great guest appearance. This episode is gold from beginning to end.

James Doohan–may he rest in peace–was not originally well-disposed to Next Gen. He had some unkind things to say about it, and it wasn’t until his family sat him down and had him watch the show that he really began enjoying it, and agreed to be on the show. The crew of the show actually recreated a portion of the original Enterprise bridge just for this episode, and it comes out perfect! Take a look at my other thoughts and behind-the-scenes info by checking out my full review.

Next time I’ll be reviewing Schisms and True Q! Stay tuned.

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