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Star Trek episode reviews: The First Duty and Cost of Living

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Last time I was back on track, this time I’m behind again. I guess having a second child and keeping a practice up and running takes more time than I thought. Throw the holidays into the mix and I suppose it was inevitable I get behind. Still, there’s no better way to start off a new year than with a new post about two episode reviews I’ve completed! This time I’ve reviewed episodes 19 and 20 of season five, The First Duty and Cost of Living.


The First Duty

The First Duty is an exceptional episode that features another guest appearance by Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher. The setting this time is Starfleet Academy, and there’s been a fatal accident. Wesley is covering something up, Picard discovers what it is, and Wesley is forced to make a difficult choice between the truth or his friends and fellow cadets.

The First Duty features Ray Walston, Wil Wheaton, and Robert Duncan McNeill who would go on to play Tom Paris on Voyager. Robert compares the character he played in this episode and the one he plays on Voyager, and I reveal the secret reason he wasn’t allowed to reprise Locarno. Check out both in my full review.


Cost of Living

Cost of Living is a huge step down from the previous episode. The Enterprise picks up some metal parasites, and Lwaxana comes on board and announces she is getting married! Unfortunately it’s to a prudish, Victorian-age dude who is probably the worst fit in the galaxy for her. She bonds with Alexander, and he and Worf are having some friction. Everything turns out for the best, and it’s not that interesting.

This is the fourth of a total of eight episodes that the character of Alexander Rozhenko is used, and after the fifth season he’s hardly ever seen at all in TNG. This episode won two Emmys: Costume Design and Makeup, and was nominated for a third, Hair styling. I’d also forgotten there’s a dancer in this episode who does a good impression of the Orion Slave Girl dance from way back in The Cage. Get full details of my thoughts, and share yours, in my full review.


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