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Star Trek episode reviews: Disaster and The Game

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Wish I could say I’ve accelerated the rate at which I write reviews, but life has been a bit tumultuous lately. Not to fear, I will finish! In the meantime I’ve at least written two more, the fifth and sixth episodes of season five.

Disaster kicks us off with a disaster, as the Enterprise runs into a quantum filament. Quantum filament, really? This is a fish out of water episode for most of the crew: Picard is trapped in a turbolift with children, Troi is put in command on the bridge, Worf is stuck in Ten Forward with the injured and the pregnant, and has to deliver a baby. There are other vignettes too, and virtually all of them work.

Any Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fans out there may recognize Marissa as Erika Flores, who portrayed Colleen Cooper for the first three seasons. What you may not know is this episode was a bit of a test run, to see the kind of chemistry O’Brien and Ro had, since they were wanting to get her on DS9. She later turned them down. Check out my full review for a lot more content.

The Game

Following this is The Game, where prodigal son Wesley Crusher returns for a guest spot. He’s back briefly from Starfleet Academy. Yep, he’s back home with his family…who are out to get him! This episode is full of sentiment at Wil Wheaton’s brief return, which is nice. What’s not so nice is the plot, which involves an addictive, mind-controlling video game that the entire crew of the ship (even Ashley Judd, in her last appearance) gets infected with, before everyone gets saved by Data and a strobe light.

Ashley Judd has her first on-screen kiss, and everyone’s favorite ensign does the honors. Marina Sirtis has her infamous “chocolate scene” in this episode, which is almost pornographic. *heh* You may not know that Marina had to spit out the chocolate after every take, because she was afraid she’d gain weight. Check out my full review for some other tidbits and nitpicks on this episode.

Thanks for visiting! Next up for review are Unification I and II, which involves possibly the most anticipated guest star of all: Spock!


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