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Star Trek episode reviews: Reunion and Future Imperfect

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Episodes 7 and 8 from season four are on tap this time, Reunion and Future Imperfect. One of them is great, and one less so.

Reunion is terrific from start to finish. Seems like most of the Worf-centered episodes are good and this one is no exception:  Picard is asked to arbitrate the rite of succession for leadership of the entire Klingon Empire, and one of the two claimants is our old friend, Duras. K’Ehleyr is back too, and she’s brought a surprise:  Worf’s son!

This episode introduces the iconic bat’leth, major recurring characters die, a new Klingon ship is seen here, and the rich Klingon mythos is expanded even more. Believe it or not Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, is even indirectly involved with this episode! I compare this episode to a combination of The Princess Bride and Game of Thrones, see why in my review.

Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect is the next episode, and while it’s interesting, it’s also far more forgettable. On an away mission, Riker passes out only to come to and find that 16 years have passed, he’s the captain of the Enterprise, and he remembers none of it. As the episode progresses we realize something’s wrong, and after being a little bit fooled by the Romulans we get fooled again!

What’s ironic is that a lot of the “future” changes that appear in this episode actually end up happening in future Star Trek years. A Ferengi does become an ensign on DS9, B’Elanna Torres is a female Klingon in Starfleet in Voyager, Geordi does get better eyes in First Contact, peace talks with the Romulan actually happen in the Nemesis film, and Troi starts wearing a standard uniform in season 6.  To read my review click here, or the picture above.


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