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Star Trek episode reviews: Remember Me and Legacy

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Remember Me

I’ve just finished up reviewing episodes 5 and 6 from season four:  Remember Me and Legacy, respectively.

Remember Me is just a cool episode. It’s all about Beverly Crusher, and for a change it’s interesting! She’s in the spotlight and does a great job with the crazy situation she’s place in. Friends and crew members of the Enterprise are disappearing and she seems to be the only one who notices or remembers them. One of the few episodes in early season four that isn’t about family, this is a fantastically creative episode that could only be told in science fiction, and is well worth your time.

It was during the shooting of the episode (where she did all her own stunts, BTW) where Gates McFadden discovered she was pregnant. Originally planned to be a subplot for the episode Family, there was so much here they decided to make it it’s own episode, and I’m glad they did. Read my review to discover more behind-the-scenes info and trivia, and feel free to comment!



Legacy, the episode that marks TNG surpassing the total amount of air time of the original series, is a landmark episode from that viewpoint alone. Unfortunately, other than a great poker scene in the teaser this is a low point so far in season four. The Enterprise crew runs into Tasha Yar’s sister Ishara in the course of trying to rescue some Federation freighter pilots that crash-landed on the dangerous colony where Tasha grew up. In my opinion this episode falls a bit flat, but I can’t deny some nostalgia regarding Tasha.

For Voyager fans, this is the first episode written by Joe Menosky, who’d pen over 50 episodes for that series. This is another episode where the theme of family is invoked, which about half of season four is dripping with. Here’s the link to my review, or just click the picture above. Come see why this colony didn’t believe in bras for some reason!

That’s all for now. Keep checking back because I’ll have reviews for the next two episodes, the terrific Reunion and the episode Future Imperfect, very soon!


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