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Transfigurations and The Best of Both Worlds

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Transfigurations, an eminently skippable episode.

Here we are, the end of season 3! It only took me two years, lol. I’ve finished reviewing the final two episodes of season 3, the breakthrough season for TNG. From here on in, TNG is a phenomenon, and will enjoy critical and public success as well as great ratings right up through the final episode.

The first episode here is Transfigurations, one of the weaker episodes of season 3. Dr. Beverly Crusher, who hasn’t had a lot to do this season, is an active part. She rescues a dying alien from a crash, and things get more boring from then on in. Boring might be too strong a term, but it’s certainly an episode one could fall asleep to. The alien has amnesia, and worse still he keeps having these seizures that he doesn’t understand. Later on we find out his own people are out to get him, and if you’re still awake by the end you’ll see how everything turns out.

If you’re interested in how they got him to glow in the days before CGI read my review. More interesting is Geordi’s subplot here, take a look at what I write about his love interest in this episode, do you know which previous episode she appeared in?


One of the most iconic shots in Star Trek history

The final episode is, of course, the colossus of season three, The Best of both Worlds. The Borg are back baby! The iconic villains from Q Who in season two return with a vengeance in this, the finest cliffhanger in Star Trek history. It’s hard to say anything about this episode that hasn’t been said, but I give it my best shot in my review! It’s in my top three TNG episodes of all time.

You may not know that the writer of this episode, Michael Piller, wrote it as he was on his way out from the staff. He deliberately wrote the crew into an ending from which there was no escape! It wasn’t until Gene Roddenberry personally talked him into staying for another season that he had to figure out how to resolve everything! You also may not know what a ham Patrick Stewart is. Check out my review to see what he said the first time he put on the Locutus costume.

That’s it for now, but rest assured season 4 will be coming!




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