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Sarek and Ménage à Troi

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The wonderful Mark Lenard, as Sarek

I’m happy to announce I’ve completed reviews for two more Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. This time I have reviewed Sarek and Ménage à Troi.

Sarek is an understated episode that is character-driven, and relies on powerful performances from Mark Lenard and Patrick Stewart. It’s not an action-packed episode but it certainly delivers dramatically, and is a pleasure to watch. Sarek, Spock’s father and  one of the most eminent beings in our quadrant of the galaxy is on board to negotiate a treaty, but he has a problem not even he is fully aware of. Fights start breaking out on the Enterprise and Captain Picard has to confront a difficult truth about the cause

Did you know that Peter S. Beagle, the man who penned the world-famous “The Last Unicorn” wrote the screenplay for this episode? Check out my review to learn more behind the scenes tidbits as well as my analysis of the episode itself, and feel free to comment!


Implied boobs are my attempt to give you an image you actually want to look at.

I wish I could say watching Ménage à Troi was as much a pleasure. If there was a metaphorical toilet bowl that all the bad TNG episodes went in, this one would be the one keeping all the bad ones on top of it from a successful flush. Riker and Troi take shore leave together on Betazed, almost by accident, and for extra fun we get Lwaxana Troi at perhaps her least charming and several stupid Ferengi.

You might not know that one of the Ferengi in this episode is Ethan Phillips, who will go on to play Neelix on Star Trek Voyager. If you’re watching this episode because there aren’t any other train wrecks to see, try and spot him. Also, believe it or not, after this episode Colin Powell came by specifically for an event involving Wil Wheaton! Check out my review to learn more if you like.

I’m almost done with season 3, I can see the finish line coming. Sorry it’s been two years in the making.


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