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Hollow Pursuits and The Most Toys

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Introducing Lieutenant Reginald Barclay!

Here come two more episode reviews!

Hollow Pursuits is a sensational episode in a season of sensational episodes. Lieutenant Barclay, the everyman of the Star Trek universe is introduced. A groundbreaking character for Star Trek, he was so loved that he becomes a recurring character, showing up again on TNG, Voyager and the First Contact film. He retreats into his holodeck fantasy world while the Enterprise is beset with an unsettling and increasingly alarming series of malfunctions.

Did you know that Dwight Schultz was a long-time Trek fan? Partly because of his interest and partly because of Whoopi Goldberg’s prodding, the writers created Barclay specifically for him to play. Check out this and other interesting tidbits by reading my review.

The Most Toys

You’re not gonna like this guy

The Most Toys is just as good. In yet another kidnapping (one of the hallmarks of season 3), Data is abducted by the unscrupulous Kivas Fajo–a trader and collector of rare items–and added to his collection. The Enterprise crew are convinced he’s dead, so they don’t even come looking. The battle of wills that follows is a pleasure to watch, as Data fights against an enemy that he seems to be helpless against. The ending is one of the more provocative ones for his character and is the subject of some debate to this day.

Did you know the actor originally cast to play Fajo attempted suicide while filming this episode? It was only due to the director having known Saul Rubinek that they were able to get him on such short notice to take over the part. Learn more about the original actor’s face and more by checking out my review.

I hope you enjoy reading them, and please feel free to comment on where you agree or disagree with me.


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