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Captain’s Holiday and Tin Man

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Picard on a wacky adventure with a hot chick and a Ferengi

It’s time for another two episode reviews!

This time I’ve reviewed Captain’s Holiday, the second in a series of episodes intentionally written to add some more dimension and personality to Jean-Luc Picard. In this one they once again get him out of the captain’s chair and this time he’s on a vacation to Risa, a pleasure planet taken right out of Roddenberry’s horndog dreams.

Want to know where the writers of Star Trek: Generations got the idea for Soren’s trilithium weapons? It was born right here, with the Tox Uthat. You may not know this episode, as originally written, was far different and would have been much more interesting. Check out my review for more details.


Tin Man, the living ship

Also reviewed is the 3rd season episode, Tin Man. This episode centers on a mysterious ship that is alive, and the race is on against the Romulans and an impending supernova to make contact with whatever it is.

Believe it or not this episode came about because a couple of science fiction writers saw Samaritan Snare, thought it was the worst Star Trek episode ever, and sent in a script. This may be the first time in television history we are introduced to the idea of a biological ship, which we will see featured later in such series as Babylon 5, Farscape and Lexx.

Enjoy these episodes, and please leave a comment or two giving me your thoughts as well!



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