Saga of the Jasonite

The continuing adventures of that eternal man of mystery…


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Woohoo! With great pleasure I’m glad to announce that after a two-year hiatus, I will again be reviewing Star Trek TNG episodes! There have been some major changes in my life, including getting married, having a major career shift and recently giving birth to my first child.

However, now that things seem to be have settled down for the moment, I have again begun reviewing my favorite show of all time, episode-by-episode. Let me thank all those who have visited myself, and that small cadre of viewers who didn’t stop following me! I kick things off by reviewing The Offspring, one of the best episodes of TNG. This episode has one of Brent Spiner’s finest performances and is an outstanding episode overall. Visit my review by clicking the above hyperlink, or by navigating the menu at the top of your screen. Here’s a link to the main Star Trek page on my site.

Please feel free to read my other episode reviews as well, and rest assured you can visit this site for new reviews on an ongoing, frequent basis now and in the future. I will complete these reviews, which has been such a labor of love for me.


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