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Your guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse

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My-Zombie-Apocalypse-Team-zombies-34595195-1023-739Okay, we all know it’s coming. One day in the not-too-distant future, for one reason or another, the great majority of the world will become zombified! You’ve all the seen the movies:  Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Doom, 28 Days Later, Zombieland, all of the Resident Evil movies, World War Z, Warm Bodies, the list goes on and on! A couple of years ago I took action, and wrote three separate survival guides on Amazon. A limitation of doing it on Amazon is that they don’t sell any guns, which is one of the essential items I think you’ll agree. Not to fear, I wrote an intro to each of the guides which discusses good handgun selection, and one or two of them have some creative weapons for your perusal. Most of these content of these guides will be geared toward…gear. Backpacks, tents, what clothes to take, sleeping bag selection, everything to be thought of (and within Amazon’s guidelines) was included. I have to admit even I was surprised at the amount of research I put into these guides, finding high quality, light equipment which would actually give someone who had to survive on their own a fighting chance. As I said, I wrote three survival guides for being on your own in the wilderness:  one for temperate climes, one for desert survival and one for cold-weather survival. Here’s the intro I wrote:

“It’s important to be ready. Ready for the end of the world as we know it. Would you like to feel fine? The only way you’ll survive the end of human civilization–either by natural means or the zombie takeover–is by following this carefully thought out guide. The most important survival tool is your mind! Get tough, get in shape, and kick ’em in the a-hole! Remember this is only a guide, it’s not meant to be slavishly followed. Still, you could do worse, heh. But feel free to substitute appropriately based on your needs. I’m assuming you’re in a somewhat temperate climate. I’ve put these lists loosely in order of importance, based on the basics of what you’d need to survive long enough in order to learn to be self-sustainable. You’ll notice I haven’t included food on this list. Do the best you can to get non-perishables, but really your food will depend on where you are. Do yourself a favor and get some fishhooks and fishing line as well. A signaling mirror could be invaluable, but I can only list so many things in this guide. Amazon doesn’t sell guns so I can’t list any. Take my advice and get a good handgun (a Glock G17/G22 or Sig Sauer P226 would be my picks) and an M-4 assault rifle, they’ll keep you from being zombie-bait! Load up on the ammo too, who knows when you’ll get more? One general note: I’ve gone for quality over cheapness here. Some of these items will be very economical but many of them will be built to last, and to be tough. The last thing you want is something you were counting on breaking and becoming useless. If you add up the weight of the items on this list–ignoring most of the clothing, gas can and crossbow–you’ll come up with just under 36 pounds of gear. With a good backpack that carries 50-60 pounds that leaves you with 15-25 pounds of space left for food & ammo. Get yourself into good shape. Stay alive!”



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