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My first alignment chart!

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And now for something completely different! I’m an old-time fan of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for you savages out there) and thought I would make a meme based off of the classic D&D alignments. Here is my first attempt, using only comic book characters. I put some thought into it, and there are lots of options given how many characters there are out there to use. I went with some classics as well as maybe one or two choices that maybe not everyone has thought of. Captain America is an easy substitution for Superman, it was a toss-up there. I almost put Silver Surfer as neutral good, since he is my favorite super-hero, but Spidey is more iconic, and I generally tried to find the most iconic example of each of the alignments. I was really tempted to use Dr. Doom for lawful evil, and in fact that may have been the best choice, you decide. As you’ll notice this one is all male. The next one will be all female characters (if I can do it, it’ll be tough), but for now, here it is:

Alignment Chart

Click for the full-size image


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