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My harrowing day


Well, seems like it’s been forever since I actually wrote a post about my life on here. I don’t think I’ll do it today either, but I will say it’s been a hellish day, particularly the morning, and had me reconsidering if this is the field that I want to be in. It was a fricking nightmare. I came home still distraught about it, still pissed, until I worked out a bit and watched some Family Guy. Thank goodness I did!

I watched an episode that made fun of Christian Bale’s rant back in 2009 on the set of what turned out to be a completely crap Terminator movie, and I was smiling and laughing again. Listening to that jackass completely lose it made me laugh, no doubt. Here’s a guy who gets paid millions of dollars to essentially play dress up, and he forgot that his job doesn’t really matter. *sighs with pleasure* It made me realize that my job does, and I have a helluva lot more self-control than he does; even if I did lose it at work, it would be for something that matters, like a client of mine killing himself. For those that want a laugh, here’s the link to watch what was great, brief therapy for me:



2 thoughts on “My harrowing day

  1. That’s awful man, I’m sorry. Mental illness is hell; I have Bipolar and it’s awful at times, but it could be worse. I’m sorry you had a terrible day – I’ve tried to whack myself a few times, and I’m lucky to be alive, but it makes me empathize with people who have schizophrenia or worse cases – America is still so far behind in terms of accepting mental illness as the actual disease / diseases that it is.

    You are a remarkable man to have chosen your field. I imagine there will be more hard days ahead, but you will have an incredible impact that will contribute to the lives of the people you serve, and in turn their Families and communities. You are on the front lines of a battle most of us wouldn’t have the stomach, knowledge, or fortitude to undertake. So keep fighting a good fight Brother! I love your life J –


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