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Season 3 of Star Trek begins now!

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After a hiatus of a few months, season three came out on Blu-Ray and I am starting up again reviewing the episodes! Season three has 26, the most so far and the standard from now on so I’ve got my work cut out for me, but it’s a labor of love. I’ve started by writing a season overview and should start doing the individual episodes this week. Season three is where TNG really got awesome, and it contains some of the finest episodes in the entire series, including classics like Yesterday’s Enterprise, Sins of the Father, The Enemy, The Defector, Deja Q, The Offspring, The Most Toys and of course Best of Both Worlds!

Doctor Crusher returns, a whole new writing staff is hired, and the look of the show changes in a few ways and I’ll be pointing them all out in my overview and particularly in the episodes themselves. I’m going to love it and I hope anyone who reads it will too. Also feel free to review any of my past episode reviews. I’ve updated the look of my blog page so at the top the individual seasons as well as the series overview page are easy to find. My hope is to get people to watch these episodes again, or at least to stir up more interest in my favorite television show of all time. I also hope to share why I love it so much and to get others curious about this show that essentially made sci-fi interesting again back in 1987 and how it still holds up today. Please comment if you like and let me know if you agree, disagree or have additional information that I can add; I hope to share my passion and insight into the series and I love for others to do the same. Come relive the adventures of the Starship Enterprise and the lives of her crew!


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