Saga of the Jasonite

The continuing adventures of that eternal man of mystery…

Halfway through Season 2!

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elementary dear data


A matter of honor


These are just some of the pics from my exciting episode reviews of season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation! I’m halfway through and have done my best to write some pretty thorough, entertaining and informative reviews of my favorite television show of all time. Even when I’m pointing out the flaws, it’s all done with love! I’ve looked through a lot of webpages and couldn’t find any out there that have the same kind of content and analysis that I do, and let’s face it, there is lots of Star Trek content on the web. My most recent review is of Contagion, take a look and see if you agree or disagree. If you have Hulu or Netflix you can access the entire seven year run and immediately watch it if you like. Or you can do the opposite, watch the episode then read and comment on my review when it’s fresh in your mind! What has surprised me is how much I enjoy writing them, it’s been a lot of fun and there’s still so many more to go…


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