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The Big Move!

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Movin on up to the East Side! (Actually the west side, but whatever)

Movin on up to the East Side! (Actually the west side, but whatever)

Well, it’s coming:  I’m moving into a new place this Saturday! I was living on the peninsula here in Washington state last year but that job ended rather suddenly last March, and last June my old college roommate and his family was nice enough to take me in while I was looking for work. However, after living alone for years (not to mention being an adult) it was not always an easy adjustment. I got myself working again last November and now have the means to move out to my own place again, much to my relief and to those I’ve been staying with I’m sure. This Saturday’s the big day and, God willing, it will go smoothly and I’ll be ensconced in my new home! It should be slightly less painful than usual as I never really unpacked much of my stuff in the intervening seven months, so packing this week should be pretty quick and I’ve already gotten a start on it. I’ve got folks lined up to help me load and unload my U-Haul and I’ve got the money, so I’m ready! Having a three-day weekend to give myself time to unpack and settle in should only help. Now let’s hope the neighbors in my apartment complex are relatively quiet. 🙂


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