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Finally finished!

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Let the awesomeness continue…

Okay, after weeks of work I’ve finally finished my episodic reviews of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation! It was actually pretty fun and I learned stuff that even I didn’t know about some of these episodes, which was cool. What I’ve done is give a review of the plot (withholding spoilers for those few suckers who haven’t seen them or those who don’t remember), my favorite scenes, how the cast was used in that episode, include nitpicks that I may have, give an overall impression including a rating, include trivia and behind-the-scenes info, and whether the casual viewer can afford to miss this episode or not.

I’m done until season two is released in December, so that will give me a month off to relax and hopefully get going on some other things. I have to admit, I enjoyed this enough that I’m considering doing reviews of another show I enjoy, though of course not to the same extent, Babylon 5:

If anyone has any requests for it I think I could be persuaded. Otherwise I’ll probably just be thinking about it for a while and waffle back and forth before deciding not to do it or something. I wonder if they’ll ever do a Blu Ray treatment for this show? Only time will tell. In the meantime please head either to my main Star Trek page, or to the Season One page and look through a few reviews if you like, it’s always nice to get feedback. 🙂 I’ve included links here or you can just find access at the top of my blog page.


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