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My birfday!

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(This was originally posted on 05/09/09)

May 9th…perhaps the greatest day of all! It was–and is–the day of my birth! I had an awesome pre-birthday birthday thing last night, in the which I acquired four (4!) new books, and watched the new Star Trek movie.

Capsule review: surprisingly entertaining movie. As a Star Trek-o-phile I’m a self-appointed judge to most things Star Trek, and most of the Star Trek stuff sucks. Okay, the original series was good, but I think I was just born too late to enjoy it…like I watch the show, some of the themes are good, ya know, but that corny music comes on that’s likes twice as loud as the dialogue on the show, then a girl comes on and the camera has vaseline all over it to try and make her look good, and then I just tune out. Next Generation, still my favorite television show of all time–awesomeness. DS9, didn’t suck as much as I thought it would, but still it’s lost some of the ideals of the entire show, mostly due do Roddenberry dying. Voyager, well, I did like the Doctor and Neelix, other than that still a step down. Enterprise, now we’re getting to the point where I’d rather be stabbed in both eyes. So when they advertised the movie I’m thinkin to myself “I bet it’s just an action movie, everyone’s fighting all the time, no social or moral dimension which is what made Star Trek great in the first place.” I have to admit, there was a buttload of action, and there was no social or moral dimension to the movie–and yet I liked it! Very entertaining, the director found just a bunch of excellent actors to fill the shoes of the characters, and the characterizations were just about spot on. Plot…well, the plot was pretty standard fare, but the dialogue was so good that it actually made me interested in it, which is nice. The camera work overall was very good, quick but not so quick that you can’t even follow what is happening (i.e. Quantum of Solace), and the special effects are of course first rate. It’s not much deeper than a typical well-done summer popcorn movie, but to the Star Trek franchise it is certainly what was promised: a breath of fresh air.


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