Saga of the Jasonite

The continuing adventures of that eternal man of mystery…

Day 1

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(As part of moving here from my previous blog space and plan to stay a while I am including my past blog entries on this page. This was originally written 4/15/09)

Due to overwhelming demand, I will now begin keeping my own blog. To the millions that have campaigned for such an event all I can say is, you’re welcome! Why have I decided to keep a blog? Well, for some reason, for the first time today it actually seemed like a good idea. I was always worried that bloggers tend to be those people who are self-important losers, whiny complainers, or those that just love to comment on every passing thought in their fairly empty heads. As I have all of these traits in abundance I figured it was past time for me to join the miasma of my blogging brothers and sisters.

When I was about 12 I started writing short stories. They were humorous science fiction stories starring that pulp fiction hero, The Jasonite! He was a kind of Flash Gordon–while clearly a superior physical specimen (some would say a paragon), he wasn’t too bright. He always managed to save the day though, and while I’m now slightly older than 12 I still look back on him fondly, and I thought who better to dedicate the ludicrousness of a personal blog to than him. Make sense?

Since I’m just beginning I really have little idea what kinds of things I will write about on here or how personal I’ll get. I think part of what I’ll do is strive to process events in my life so they make more sense to me, as well as keep my friends, family, and most importantly, my enemies updated on my life. I have no idea how often I’ll feel like writing, or how long I will write, but as am I’m a fast typist some of them might get kinda long. Anyway, I think this is a sufficient first entry. Be seeing you!


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